Raise a smile

The "Raise a smile" experiment took part in the nursery house in Wardzyn, Poland. During it we were spending the time with the elderly people living there, organizing some activities for them and just having some conversations.

There are some thoughts of the participants:

"I think these elderly persons teach us about life, about how to suffer with smile and really good sense of humor, even in this poor situation. I thought I will serve them, but it seems like they serve me." - Patrycja

"I have never thought of that I could spend such precious time with the patients in this rehabilitation center. Most of them are suffering a lot, both physically and psychically but they can still be joyful and grateful for even the tiniest things. And above all that I found God in each one of them I met there and I am truly grateful for that." - Simona

"This experiment thought me, that the most important thing we can give to others is our time and presence. This is what usually people lack the most" - Marcin

Raise a Smile 2018